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mesh produce bags, reusable produce bags, plastic free, zero waste shopping kit, sustainable products, zero waste, eraze, eraze waste, plastic free
plastic free, sustainable products, reusable bags, reusable products, eraze, eraze waste, cotton bags, sustainable products, zero waste kit, zero waste, cloth produce bags

About Me, Sienna

Founder of Eraze

Hi, I Sienna owner of Eraze. I started Eraze with a passion to educate, inspire and influence others to reduce their waste and become more conscious of it in everyday life. I hope to help create a better future for people and the planet and know that small changes can make big difference.

I must admit years earlier, I didn’t think much of what I brought into my home when it came to chemicals, plastic and products. Since my life has changed for the better and will never look back on being more sustainable and conscious to what I bring into my life, from plastic to food to skincare and everything in between. The Planet and your mind and body will thank you to, when it comes to thinking twice about what you put in your body and home. Instead implementing simple swaps like buying produce unpackaged and loose, making your own cleaning products and beauty products from low toxic ingredients are a great place to start.

I know once you start, you will wonder why you didn’t start years ago. So join me in creating a more natural, plastic free life, sustainable lifestyle.

Being conscious of the waste you create, being more sustainable and avoiding toxic chemicals in your home, body and life is no longer seen as a hippie thing. “Being sustainable isn’t a hippie thing, it’s a survival thing”.

So join me and the #erazewaste community to make a difference for a better future for all.

Feel free to contact me via email at or direct message anytime.

Would love to hear from you or help in any way I can.

Follow up on instagram at @eraze_waste for inspiration

Thank you so much for your support


Founder of Eraze


Small Changes = Big Differences

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