Eraze is a Perth, Western Australian company, established with a passion to make a positive impact by reducing waste around the World, 


Eraze has launched a range of Organic Cotton Produce and Shopping Bag, therefore limiting the ongoing side effects from the use of the intoxicating material we call "Plastic", by providing sustainable products that inspire people to make the swap from damaging plastic bags to reusable's. 

Eraze Organic Cotton Produce and Shopping Bags are made in India, through a ethical organisation that supports Fair wages, support for women in the workplace and community employment and development. The packaging in sourced locally and each one is individually hand wrapped by us. 

We hope that waste awareness will become an everyday conversation and lifestyle change. With your help, we can get the "eraze movement" underway and change the habits of our throwaway society. When we talk about the effects on the World the damage is extensive, we are already at crisis level and we all have a choice to make a change. 


Don't wait, make the change today.